Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Does GPS Stand For?

Getting Pretty Stranded....

Gorgeous Pine Stand...

On our way out of Acadia, we try to stop in the town of Ellsworth at the AAA office so that Anthony can get an international drivers' license for when we rent cars in Europe (which is not entirely kosher, but that's a whole other posting). Anyway, the GPS takes us directly to...this spot. Apparently, we are not the only ones to find ourselves on an Oak Street that is not in town but, rather, in the middle of the actual oaks. The lady at the AAA is able to give us better directions over the phone, and eventually we get there.

The town of Ellsworth has an excellent California/gourmet/creative/not-authentic-but-highly-delicious burrito shop called "86 This!" where we stop for lunch after the AAA errand is done. So GPS could also stand for Gorging on Pollo & Salsa. That's a taste we miss in Paris!


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